What's in your roof can save you money

Roofs are so important in Florida home insurance because, let’s face it, if the roof goes in a storm the house is pretty well shot. So the state of Florida has teamed up with insurance companies to offer discounts, depending on just how strong your roof is—and this is called a Windstorm Mitigation.

Breaking down the Windstorm Mitigation
An inspection must be done by a certified contractor or inspector, who will go into your attic with an official checklist to note exactly what’s in there (Christmas decorations and old junk don’t count).  Here’s what he looks for that will save you money:

Building Code/Permit

If your roof meets the Florida Building Code and/or you had a Building Permit when your roof was replaced - Discount!

Roof Deck Attachment

The longer the nails and the closer together they’re spaced (he’ll check A, B or C, C being the best) - Discount!

Roof to Wall Connection

If you have hurricane clips or wraps – Big Discount!

Roof Geometry

If you have a hip roof (slopes down on all four sides) - Discount!

Secondary Water Resistance

If there is an extra barrier (polymer or adhesive) that protects the roof from water intrusion - Discount!

Opening Protection

If you have hurricane impact windows and doors or engineered storm shutters (every opening must be reinforced including
garage door) - Discount!

Often clients don’t want to pay the $100 to get this inspection, but it can save HUNDREDS of dollars off the insurance premium. Having clips alone makes it worth it.  If you’re not sure that you have clips in your roof, all you need to do is look in your attic. If you see metal strips or straps securing the rafters, you have them!  Note: The clips must be on EVERY rafter.

Homes built 2002 or newer don’t need a mitigation (their roof discount is automatic), unless they also have hurricane impact windows or shutters.  Most insurance companies won’t take a 3-tab shingle roof 15+ years old; an architectural shingle roof is usually acceptable up to 20 years old if you get a Roof Certification (shows years of remaining life).
Tip: Getting a Roof Cert/Wind Mit at the same time is usually cheaper than ordering them separately.

If you have never had a Windstorm Mitigation inspection and you see clips in your attic, don’t delay, call a mitigation inspector or contact us.  You’ll be glad you did.